Ceramic Matrix Composites

Material Systems

  • Cf/ZrC—oxidizing environments of >3500°F (1940°C)

  • Cf/HfC—oxidizing environments of >4000°F (2200°C)

  • Cf/SiC-ZrC and Cf/SiC-HfC—oxidizing environments up to 4000°F (2200°C)

  • CMC-encased or CMC-lined carbon/carbon structure

  • Cf/TaC and Cf/TaC-HfC

Cf/SiC CMC panel, 1" thick, produced by melt infiltration; inset, cross-section

SEM image of two-dimensional orthogonal weave carbon fabric layup reinforcement, illustrating a representative CMC microstructure

CMC-encased carbon/carbon structures that reduce component weight




CMC SiC/SiC blisk hub fabricated at Ultramet by rapid melt infiltration showing outstanding low porosity and smoothly machined surfaces (outer diameter 8")