Rhenium Raw Material

As a world leader in the manufacture of rhenium products, Ultramet understands the need for high quality raw material that offers lot-to-lot consistency and reliability. Consequently, Ultramet has developed its own in-house processing system to provide rhenium powder and pellets that meet the following criteria:

  • Purity >99.98% (metal content)
  • Pellet size as required
  • Powder standard mesh sizes –325 (<43 µm) and –200 (<74 µm)

Uses for Rhenium Powder and Pellets

  • Alloying additive for superalloys used to fabricate blades for aircraft engines
  • Catalyst agent in the petrochemical industry for the generation of gasoline
  • Alloying additive for special applications such as tungsten-rhenium alloys for X-ray target and electronics applications
  • Powder metallurgy of rhenium components (foil, wire, sheet, and bar stock)
  • Chemical vapor deposition (coatings and component fabrication)
  • Plasma spray (coatings)

Tolling Services

In addition to providing raw rhenium, Ultramet offers the following services to support many of your rhenium processing and reclaiming needs:

  • Convert ammonium perrhenate into rhenium powder
  • Pelletize rhenium powder
  • Buy back rhenium scrap for cash or trade-in value for new rhenium products

Please contact Ultramet with your specific requirements and allow us the opportunity to quote on your next order.