Ceramic Protective Coatings

Ultramet applies protective coatings to carbon/carbon and ceramic matrix composites, graphite, refractory metals, and superalloys for operation in severe environments. Low temperature deposition (<752°F [400°C]) is possible to accommodate components with low melting points.

Oxyacetylene Torch Testing

Photographs of carbon/carbon coupon coated with layered hafnium carbide/silicon carbide during and after oxyacetylene torch testing

Advantages of Ceramic Protective Coatings

  • High temperature oxidation protection for refractory metal-, ceramic-, and carbon-based components
  • Deposition at temperatures as low as 10% of the melting point of the coating material
  • No porosity (fully dense)
  • Availability in various metal carbides, oxides, nitrides, and borides
  • High emissivity
  • Thermal protection
  • Applicability to intricate shapes and textured surfaces

Applications of Ceramic Protective Coatings

  • Engine and airframe components
  • Fiber interface coatings
  • Thermal protection system components

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