Ultramet occupies more than two acres of commercial property in the San Fernando Valley of northwestern Los Angeles that encompasses 5,400 square feet of office space and 77,000 square feet of industrial plant and laboratory space.

Organizational Business Units

Ultramet’s mission is to develop advanced materials for extreme environments and devise methods to implement the technology into the market by developing the manufacturing capabilities or through licensing of said technology for the medical, aerospace, defense, energy, and chemical industries.

In order to achieve this objective we have developed the following strategic organizational business units with specific areas of expertise and competency (please click on company name or logo to learn more):


Ultramet, the primary R&D incubator and CVD/CMC/RVC manufacturing facility.

Ultramet CPT Logo

Ultramet CPT, a division of Ultramet,  provides corrosion protection for hot acid environments through tantalum coatings.

Tantalum Cellular Products, LLC

Tantalum Cellular Products (TCP), LLC promotes open-cell foam for medical applications.

Nanopowders Manufacturer

Powdermet Inc, a separately held company providing coated nanopowders and other nanotechnologies.  Ultramet holds a small equity position with no controlling interest.

Maroney - Precision and Electrical Discharge Machining

Maroney Company, LLC an added-value platform to provide precision EDM and CNC machining capabilities.