Ceramic Matrix Composites: Performance

Hot-Fire Test at 4350ºF (2399ºC)

Melt Infiltrated

Melt-infiltrated CMC lined carbon/carbon leading edge before
and during arcjet test at NASA Ames Research Center

Cf/ZrC combustion chamber

Melt-infiltrated Cf/ZrC combustion chamber survived multiple 30-second
oxygen/hydrogen hot-fire tests to 4350ºF at NASA Glenn Research Center

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Laser Test Up to 5200ºF (2871ºC)

Melt infiltrated Cf/ZrC and Cf/Zr-Si-C composite panels were tested at the Air Force LHMEL-I facility using laser heating and Mach 0.7 airflow.

Weight change was minimal following tests up to 5200F for 300 seconds.

MaterialDuration,secHeat Flux W/cm2Peak Temperature, F
Blackbody Adjusted
Weight, g
Initial     Final
Weight change,gWeight change/area, g/in2
C1/Zrc3006004858~5200     153.966-0.032-0.029
C1/Zr-Si-C1255004556~4875     170.689-0.056-0.051





Laser spot area on Cf/ZrC (left) and Cf/Zr-Si-C (right) panels after testing at LHMEL

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