Ceramic Matrix Composites



Hot-Fire Test at 4350F (2399C)


Ultramet’s Cf/ZrC combustion chamber survived multiple 30-second firings at 4350ºF (2399ºC) during hot-fire testing at NASA Glenn.



Cf/ZrC combustion chamber fabricated by melt infiltration




NASA Glenn hot-fire test of Cf/ZrC combustion chamber at 4350°F. Above, start-up; below, steady state.

Cross-section of Cf/ZrC combustion chamber after hot-fire test, showing oxide formation on inner diameter



Laser Test Up to 5200F (2871C)


Cf/ZrC and Cf/Zr-Si-C composites survived laser testing at 5200ºF (2871ºC) and 4875ºF (2691ºC), respectively, under forced air flow at the Air Force Laser Hardened Materials Evaluation Laboratory.


Results of Laser Testing of Ultramet CMC Panels

  • Survival in forced air flow at incident angle to surface of specimen up to Mach 0.6
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Minimal weight change








Laser spot areas (nominally 1.2" diameter) after laser test showing that Ultramet CMCs survived temperatures of 5200ºF (left) and 4875ºF (right)